Aaron Culey - Diver Suits (2012-2014)

The video game Bioshock is an obvious influence on my work. Abandoned environments are inspiring to me because there is no right way to do anything when the world has collapsed around you. Diver suits intrigue me because of the direct link between machine and the wearer. It’s imagining the inhabitant with material that is at the center of my thought process when building work.    

Seaside mono (2014)

Details: bamboo, corkscrew, choral, orange sweater, purse hook, shells, tea ball, wooden beads, 

This mono was made custom for a dear friend of mine. (He just really liked the orange yarn) 

The torso, legs, and feet were all turned by me on a wood lathe. I used nail polish to match the existing orange paint from the wooden beads. The net covering the hood was also knit by me.